Metal Roof Restoration & Coating GTA

Snow Fences


Today as more and more metal roofing is gaining acceptance in the marketplace, building owners and Architects are becoming aware of the problems associated with metal roofing and that’s…snow and ice avalanches. The sun warms the metal roof panels and snow and ice melt, causing it to slide off the roof edge. Ice falling from buildings has been known to damage cars and property below —not to mention the possible injury it can cause to people.

Manufactured by S.T.M. Innovators Inc. Uni-gard sno-deflectors are designed as a single metal unit, non weld construction, with a corrugated base, complete with integral support posts. Single or multiple horizontal bar configuration allow for varying height requirements. Widths are available in different sizes to accommodate standing seam metal roof panels. Uni-gard is attached with fasteners screwed into the purlins.

Manufactured by S.T.M. Innovators Inc. Plasti-gard sno deflectors are made of clear polycarbonate plastic. Its unique profile allows it to be used over corrugated metal roof panels fastened at the bottom flutes. UV protected, effective and economical for new or retrofit applications.

Uni-Gard & Plasti-Gard help to keep snow and ice on the roof throughout the melting process.