Metal Roof Restoration & Coating GTA

Metal Roof Painting, Coating, and Restoration throughout Ontario

At ParZee & Associates we specialize in metal roof restoration and metal elastomeric waterproof coating in standard white or custom colours. We see many buildings each year with similar problems – leaky, rusty roofs. As spring approaches, prepare with a roofing solution that fits your budget and time constraints to make your roof watertight. Many facility owners have found that Republic coatings systems offers the high performance and environmental benefits they’ve been looking for. From metal seam systems with warranty options for metal restoration to acrylic elastomeric roof coatings, we have solutions to meet all budgets.


Tired of patching that leaky roof?

See the difference our metal roof coating makes!

In the example below you can see the rusty, leaky roof of the Terry Miller Arena before and after we treated it.


At ParZee & Associates we supply a variety of building maintenance and repair products, including our elastomeric and epoxy coatings for walls and metal roofs. We also carry aluminum metal folding stairs, folding ladders, wall ladders, roof hatches and snow deflectors.

The three companies we represent are:

  1. Republic Powdered Metals Inc., whose main product is Solar-gard Hy-build
  2. Precision Ladders LLC., whose main product is the Super Simplex Folding Stair
  3. STM Innovators, who produce Sno Deflectors

We are based in Mississauga and serve customers throughout Ontario, as well as Quebec and Manitoba. Our clients range from architects and large building owners to general contractors and roofing contractors.

We’ve been affiliated with Republic and their line of roofing and wall restoration products for more than 20 years. We’ll be happy to provide pricing on repairs or coating installation.

Contact us for more information, or see more examples of our work in the Project Gallery.